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Ask Sue London Live
Topic: Connecting With Your Beloved Pets Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

Embark on a heartwarming journey with Sue London, the award-winning Hospice Pet Doula and Pet Healer, known for her compassionate approach to pet care and her profound insights into the other side. Join us for an exclusive live event focused on connecting with pets that have crossed over, guided by Sue’s unique perspective gained through her own near-death experiences.

Date and Time: Feb 27, 2024  @ 7 pm – 8 pm EST

Sue London, whose deep understanding of the other side stems from her two near-death experiences, invites you to a special event dedicated to comprehending and communicating with pets who have left paw prints on your heart.

Highlights of the Event:

Discover how the bond with your pets transcends the physical realm and learn to recognize the signs of their continued presence and communication.

Explore the ways in which pets communicate from beyond the rainbow bridge. Sue London will share heartwarming stories and insights into the messages our beloved companions may be sending us.

Experience the healing power of connecting with your departed pets. Sue, with her profound understanding, will offer guidance on finding closure, embracing memories, and fostering a sense of peace.

Gain practical tools and techniques for opening channels of communication with pets that have crossed over. Sue will provide guidance on how to tune in to their energy and receive their messages.

Live Q&A:

Engage in live interaction with Sue London. Ask questions and receive personalized insights on connecting with your pets beyond the rainbow bridge.

For a truly unique experience, participants can submit a photo of their beloved pet along with their pet’s name in advance to sue@asksuelondon.ca. Be sure to add in the subject line: For Ask Sue London Live Event Feb 27. Sue may provide personalized messages during the live talk.