A Gentle Journey to Connect with Your Inner Self, Loved Ones, and Beloved Pets.

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A Journey to Connect with Your Inner Self, Loved Ones, and beloved Pets. Services include Hospice Pet Doula, Animal Communication, Healings, Podcast Hosting, Motivational Speaking & Authorship.

“I feel like I have been given the gift of a lifetime! Sue allowed me to connect the dots. I am forever grateful for this beautiful soul and all of her gifts she shares so generously. Thank you Sue London, for showing me the way through my despair and reminding me of the truth.
I will never forget your great compassion and hand up.
Bless you my dear friend🩷”

“My life coach has been a game-changer, helping me set and achieve goals and improve my overall well-being.”

– Sue K.


Live Master Class

July 30 @ 5:00 Pm - 6:00 Pm EST

Creating Better Outcomes For You and Your Business with Thiago DeSouza

Live Master Class

Sept. 18 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST

The Healing Power of Pets with Sue London

Live Master Class

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“I recently took Level 1 and 2 of Reiki with Reiki Master, Sue London. It was absolutely amazing! I was unsure and shy at first, and by our final hour, I was sending healings long distance! Sue is such a wonderful teacher! She explains everything very well and never makes you feel silly with the questions you have. We got to practice healings on each other and pets, and some incredible things happened for all of us. I highly recommend taking Reiki training with Sue. On top of all her healing gifts, she is very approachable, down to earth, and a lot of fun as well. You will get more than just training. You will get an experience you’ll never forget.

Cindy Karch, Client

“My little 17-year-old dog India has cataracts. India’s greatest joy was chasing balls endlessly, she gets startled by sun and shade, and stumbles and falls. Sue’s healing has miraculously restored some of India’s vision. Today India actually chased a ball I tossed across the floor, she saw the ball for the first time in years!”

Tina & India, Client

“Mitzi was limp, listless and in obvious pain. I honestly thought she was ready to cross the rainbow bridge. Sue contacted me shortly after getting my message to tell me Mitzi was NOT ready to cross over, but she would send Mitzi reiki healing. I did not expect Mitzi to survive the night. When Mitzi woke up in the morning, she was able to walk, not just walk but move with energy, her eyes were bright, and she was interested in life. The pain and discomfort are gone. “

Kim Stewart, Client

“Sue let me know that Lola was having an allergic skin reaction, that was in no way evident (no scratching or anything) and after treatment with a recommended shampoo, she is much better. “

Lucy Sharpe, Client

“My cat who would only eat the one food. PROBLEM WAS: they no longer make it!!!! Sue helped me personally in so many ways.”

Jeanie Griffin, Client

“When we hung up and I went downstairs to the living room Snoopy jumped from his bed and greeted me, tail wagging and he was jumping up at me like he used to.”

Marie Unis, Client

“My baby left me unexpectedly and I was so lost. Father Nathan, the Joyful Friar recommended Sue and she connected with my baby, but more than that she taught me how to connect with her and gave me the peace I needed at the time. It was amazing to be able to hear what my baby wanted to share with me.”

Sandra Layer, Client

“Unique insight to her impressions, feelings, thoughts and desires, a new and enriched perspective and appreciation. My heart was filled.”

Brenda P., Client

“Sue captured my dog’s essence and spirit in his continuing messages of love from the other side. Sue shared his kindness, wisdom and care. Sue clearly communicated their past, which I later validated with their previous owner. She also shared the ways that I can enrich their lives.”

Elizabeth Enright, Client

“I’ve had two previous sessions with “animal communicators” that were zero on a 10-point scale and was very disappointed. I couldn’t have anticipated how much I learned, not only about Nikki, my parrot, but myself, as well – both individually and as a team, together. On a 10-point scale, she’s an eleven!

Andrew Rogers, Client

Helping You Cope, Heal, and Move Forward.

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What I Do

Having survived two near death experiences that gave her direct witness to the
“other side.” Sue London, The Animal Communicator has served as a bridge between the two worlds which help bring peace and even healing.