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Sue London is a Hospice Pet Doula, Pet Healer, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, Speaker, Coach, Podcast Host, and Owner of 7 Dogs Media. She was recently chosen to receive the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award 2024 by the International Association of Top Professionals.

While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in and of itself, only a few select members are chosen for the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.


Sue & Marley love going on YourTV Niagara with Mike Balsomm & Juniper


“I read people & pets alive and those
while crossing and crossed over. I do
this by seeing their photo and they
bring me their messages.
I experience what they feel as they
are crossing over.”
Two near-death experiences gave Sue
London a connection to the “other side,”
becoming a conduit for peace and healing.
During her second experience, she was
urged by her Grandpa Buck and Jesus to
assist others in healing.
Raised alone, Sue found companionship
with animals. After being revived, she
discovered dormant abilities, allowing her to
channel messages from people and animals
alike. Her services include acting as a
Hospice Pet Doula, hosting podcasts,
motivational speaking, coaching, and

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Acknowledged as Top Hospice Pet Doula &
Healer of 2023 and recipient of the
Lifetime Achievement Award 2024, Sue’s
dedication to pet hospice care is
remarkable. Her company, 7 Dogs Media,
honors her seven dogs that passed away.
She offers comfort during challenging
times such as when pets or loved ones
cross over.
Sue received the Business Mastery Award
from John Assaraf in 2007 for establishing
a business that significantly impacts lives.
She has worked closely with Jack Canfield,
even leading his BREAKTHROUGH TO
SUCCESS event in 2022. Despite her busy
schedule, she continues to provide
empowering insights.
As an author, Sue has written books like
“For The Love Of Pets Who Help Us Heal”
and “Soar Above It: Overcoming Adversities
In Life,” inspiring resilience and healing.
Her book “Rocky’s Trip To The Hospital” is
based on her personal experiences.
“Rocky’s Positive Thoughts Coloring Book,”
another creation, helps children facing
challenges find hope and inspiration.
Her success, she believes, comes from
perseverance, compassion, and
mentorship. In the future, Sue plans to
write more books, create online courses,
and continue providing hope and healing
to those experiencing loss.

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