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Ask Sue London Live
Topic: What Happened to My Pet

Embark on a profound exploration with the award-winning and globally renowned Hospice Pet Doula and Pet Healer, Sue London, in the upcoming live talk, “What Happened To My Pet.” Join Sue as she compassionately delves into the journey that our beloved pets undertake as they cross over to the other side.

In this unique and heartfelt session, Sue will share poignant stories and examples, drawing from her vast experience as a Hospice Pet Doula and Pet Healer. Gain insights into the spiritual and emotional aspects of your pet’s transition and find solace in understanding their journey beyond the physical realm.

Event Highlights:

Personal Stories: Sue London will weave together personal anecdotes and experiences, offering a window into the diverse and touching passages that pets encounter during their transition.

Interactive Q&A: Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with Sue directly by asking questions about their own experiences or seeking insights into the afterlife journey of their pets at the end of this inspiring 40-minute call!

Personalized Messages: For a truly unique experience, participants can submit a photo of their beloved pet along with their pet’s name in advance to sue@asksuelondon.ca. Be sure to add in the subject line: For Ask Sue London Live Event Feb 13. Sue may provide personalized messages during the live talk.

Date and Time:

Tuesday February 13, 2024 @ 7 pm – 8 pm EST

As we navigate the realms of love and loss, “What Happened To My Pet” promises to be an enlightening and comforting exploration into the spiritual connection we share with our furry companions. Don’t miss this opportunity to join Sue London Live and gain a deeper understanding of your pet’s extraordinary journey.