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Sue London, The Animal Communicator

People ask me to help them understand why some days they feel different. Examples of feeling different include being scattered or feeling ill, or feelings of being super energized and productive more than normal, or angry or depressed for no reason. People ask me why their pet is acting unusual and for no reason. Examples of this include the pet is sleeping more than normal but not sick, or they are vomiting and having an off day, or angry and that just came from nowhere, or their pets are super playful. Energy plays a huge role in how you and your pet feels physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and what situations you experience.

A dear friend of mine, Robert Petrungaro, who is an Astrologist and Numerologist, sent out this information to help you understand what is happening with energy right now, today until January 18th, 2023. This is the last retrograde for 2022!

Mercury Retrogrades are a universal event affecting everyone during the time it is retrograde.  It is not specific to anyone’s birthday or sign but you can be affected by it while it is in the retrograde period.

This last Mercury Retrograde for this year will be from December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023.  This retrograde will be in the earthy sign of Capricorn.  Capricorn is the earthy sign of the goat, carefully but slowly climbing up the side of the mountain.  It is about career, money, ambition, success, responsibility and initiative.  Everything to do with rising to the top, accepting responsibility and handling maturity.  Ironically, this occurs right after Christmas which bring financial and career focus into play almost immediately for the new year.  It begs us to reassess our directions, to look at what we really want, where we want to go and how to achieve it.  As well as to realistically look at our financial picture and understand “needs” rather than “wants.”  As the goat climbs slowly, the cosmos are urging you to take your time, be patient and look at your commitment and plans.  Being results oriented, realistic, grounded and committed is the theme in this retrograde.

Capricorn can also rule parenting, so this can bring into focus situations with the family, are you trying to start one, what is the next direction with my family as we go forward?  All questions that may come into focus at this time.

Mercury is the planet of communication in all forms.  Mercury Retrograde is when the motion of the planet Mercury seems to go backward in the heavens, thereby causing all sorts of communication problems, chaos and disarray, car issues, phone issues, losing items, etc.  In this time period you will find yourself very confused, have poor communications with others, feeling lost and going within to understand what you really want.  You can feel disillusioned and have overall bad outcomes.

Conversely, you may find issues that have been long standing may be cleared up on many levels and areas that have been grayed may become clearer at this time.  Retrogrades create hazy energy patterns, so it is important to be extra alert and expect the unexpected during this time period.

You may also experience appliance breakdowns, financial miscommunications, automotive issues and promises may be broken during this time.

In addition, you may also find lost objects during this period, have surprise outcomes to situations and clear up long standing miscommunications.  It may be best to hold off on big decisions until the retrograde is over so that clarity is better served and your emotions are in check.

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Sue London

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