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Growing up, I lived in an unpredictable and often unsafe environment. I feared the unknown, my future, being the center of attention, and my success. Looking back, I realize I learned many valuable lessons during those years. My healing journey began when I was given a transformative book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. Her book detailed how our emotions can affect us physically. At that time, I had just been diagnosed with what doctors said was an incurable disease, Crohn’s disease. The real eye-opener for me was discovering that Louise’s book linked Crohn’s disease to the emotional root cause of fear—fear of the future, fear of the unknown, and fear of success. That realization was incredibly powerful for me.

I spent years understanding where these fears originated. I made positive changes in my life, removed negative influences, and learned many life lessons. Within seven years, I completely healed from Crohn’s disease. It required intense self-work and a tremendous amount of courage. As a child, I always felt destined to do something significant. I believed God had a plan for me, and I knew healing and personal growth were essential parts of that plan.

You may be reading this and feel a similar way, or you may think that these things only happen to other people. If you’re open to letting go of your fear but don’t know how to start, let me be your guide.

The first step I took was to sit down and imagine my Grandpa Buck, my guardian angel, granting me wishes. I wrote about the perfect life I wanted, the type of person I wanted to spend my life with, and how I wanted to spend each day. I sat outside with my pets, listened to the birds, and felt the soft breeze on my face, remembering how Heaven felt. I knew I wanted real love, peace, and joy every day, and to feel safe and trust those around me. I spent hours reflecting on the qualities my Mr. Right needed to have. Five years before this exercise, I had ended a relationship with someone who wasn’t right for me, and I was determined not to make the same mistake twice.

The next step was to trust and have faith that I was protected by my loved ones, pets on the other side, many angels, and God. I had experienced two near-death experiences and knew that Heaven is a beautiful, joyful, loving place, and that’s how we are all supposed to live here on Earth.

In the following days, weeks, and months, I read my list every morning and night, marking each achieved item with a “V” for victory. I felt better each day. I attracted a personal trainer who encouraged me to learn or do something new each week. This process was crucial—it gave me confidence, showed me anything is possible, and brought joy into my life.

New people entered my life while my Grandpa Buck smiled brightly from beyond. He promised to always look after me, and he still does, just as you have someone special looking after you. Are you telling them what you need, what you want in your life, what you want to experience? Why not? Try it! Each day, I ask God, my angels, my loved ones, especially Grandpa Buck, and my pets on the other side for what I need or want. Then I ground myself, stay present, and meditate, watching what unfolds.

For example, one day I felt compelled to go to the grocery store. I was guided to give an older lady a hug and tell her she is loved and doesn’t need to give all her money to her kids, who were taking advantage of her. Another time, I was guided to buy milk I didn’t need and ended up giving a healing to a teenage girl with Down syndrome who had just been hit by a car. I was also guided to join Toastmasters International.

Throughout school, I avoided giving speeches due to my fear of being the center of attention. But years later, three people told me it was time to overcome this fear. I ignored it for months until I met a man who insisted I must face this fear to see the magic in my life. Despite my fear, I trusted the process and joined Toastmasters, which changed my life.

After agreeing to work on my fear of public speaking and new situations, life changed quickly. The next day, as I ran errands, I kept crossing paths with the same woman. She happened to be the wife of a man I’d supported through his Colitis diagnosis. Years earlier, my Gastroenterologist spotted something in me I hadn’t seen – a knack for helping others cope with illness. He promised to send his newly diagnosed patients my way for support, and I embraced the challenge.

Despite this purpose, I still felt uneasy about improving my speaking skills. When the woman asked if I needed anything, I hesitated, brushing off her offer. Little did she know, I desperately needed a phone number she could provide – back in those pre-computer days, it was crucial. Our chance encounters continued, each one feeling like a gentle push from the universe. By the seventh meeting, I realized it was fate urging me forward, past my doubts. Returning home, the phone rang. It was the woman, offering the very number I’d been avoiding. It was a moment of serendipity, a reminder that the universe conspires to give us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it.

That phone number I finally called led me to my future husband, and we’ve been deeply in love, celebrating 23 wonderful years together. It’s funny – when I checked the newspaper where the lady claimed she found the number, it wasn’t there. Even more strangely, my husband, despite being the club president, never had his number listed anywhere.

What’s even more remarkable is that his name happens to be Ross, the same as my beloved Grandpa Buck. And his favorite Grandma’s name? Suzy – just like mine!

My journey didn’t stop there. My first speech at Toastmasters, inspired by these serendipitous events, evolved into a book chronicling my life’s twists and turns. Then, my third speech brought to light the profound love and support my dog Rocky had given me, giving me the strength to prepare for his passing weeks later. That speech blossomed into a series of children’s books, and an article being published touching hearts internationally.

Embracing my newfound passion, I delved into professional speaking, hosting my own radio show on an AM station, and launching a successful podcast. Comfortable in the spotlight, I’ve shared stages with influential figures like John Assaraf, and was a trainer for Jack Canfield’s event, and even had the privilege of interviewing celebrities.

I have let go of my fears, and my life is now filled with love, support, and adventure. My husband, Ross, often calls me his adventure, saying we never know what we will do next or whom we will meet. Your life can be filled with love, laughter, and happiness too. Let go of your fears. You are protected by higher powers watching over you. Trust and believe that your life isn’t meant to be defined by fear and pain. The experiences you’ve had are lessons, and now it’s your time to grow and heal. Take that first step, create your list of what you want in life, let go of your fear, and shine your light! I believe in you.

Much love & many blessings, Sue


©2024 Meet Sue London, a beacon of compassion and inspiration in holistic healing. As an award-winning Hospice Pet Doula, Animal Communicator, Podcast Host, Author, Speaker, esteemed Healer, and Coach, Sue recently received the 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing her unwavering commitment to fostering healing and connection.

Sue’s journey is marked by resilience, triumphing over two near-death experiences, transforming her into a powerful bridge between the earthly and spiritual realms. Her unique ability to connect deeply with both individuals and animals, coupled with her coaching expertise, sets her apart globally.

Honored with the Humanitarian Award for 2023, Sue extends her transformative skills beyond pets to positively impact people’s lives.

At the heart of Sue’s work is her empathic gift, channeling heartwarming messages from the souls of people and pets. This unique talent offers closure, heals relationships, and fosters understanding. Sue’s transformative healing techniques, combined with her coaching, bring solace, guiding countless individuals toward inner peace and emotional well-being.

Explore Sue London’s offerings at Immerse yourself in her wisdom and healing energy as she continues to touch lives with dedication, compassion, and coaching expertise.

Sue London

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