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For the last couple of nights, I awoke in the middle of the night to my 16-year-old dog, Gus, so full of energy and wanting to play at 3 am. This is something he does every time there is a full moon. He is then completely exhausted the following day. Often, he vomits during the full moon. He will stick to me like glue, and I am tripping over him a lot. While Gus is wanting the entire house up in the early hours to play, Marley, my sensitive little boy wants to be held and shakes for days before the full moon. Marley feels the energy and it is very overwhelming to him. I know during this time I will be giving him lots of healing Reiki cuddles with soothing healing music playing in the background.

You’ve heard how hospitals employ more staff during a full moon? There are more accidents, more births and unusual human behavior. Not only are people affected by a full moon but so are our furry friends. For me, those monthly full moon weeks are always very booked up in my calendar! Being an Animal Communicator and Healer I have felt, seen and heard some bizarre things happen around full moons. Pets can often become unpredictable, extreme versions of their personalities or the exact opposite. A calm pet can become incredibly hyper, while more active pets can seem lethargic. Friendly pets can seem cranky and irritable. Hyper pets become even more hyperactive, which can be hard to believe.

You must be very aware and expect the unexpected when there’s a full moon. Clients have told me their pets have eaten usual items, or not eaten at all, made messes in the house, was doing a lot of vomiting, or acted out aggressively, when they’ve never done so before. Pay attention to what changes in your pet as a dramatic change in behavior. Most often it can be attributed to full moons. I see extreme changes 2 days before and 2 days after a full moon, but each pet is different. Know your pet and how he or she will react. My best piece of advice is to stay clear of dog parks, and other areas where your pet may interact with other animals during this time as you never know how a strange dog could behave during this time and it’s better to be safe than sorry. You may be able to predict your own dog’s behavior but not that of one who is unfamiliar to you.

In my home I note the full moons in my calendar and know to get lots of sleep in the weeks that lead up and after those high energy days. To help my pets through that full moon energy I clear their energy twice or more a day. If your pet is out of balance, you can clear their energy more. This process doesn’t hurt your pet. To them it’s like going to a spa and having a wonderful massage. To clear your pet’s energy simply put your hand on or over the top of his/ her head and brush the energy down his/ her neck, spine and then down the tail. Then brush the energy all down each leg, then ears, chest, and tummy. After you brush down each area flick off that energy from your hands, being mindful not to flick that energy onto another pet or person. We don’t want someone else taking on the negative energy!

The next full moon is September 10, 2022!

To help you with a pet who is really struggling during this time you connect with me and schedule a Reiki Healing session for you and your pet. To schedule your Pet Reiki Healing session, click here.

I also offer Pet Reiki Training courses for you to learn how to heal your pet. For those details click here.

Wishing you much love & many blessings, Sue London, The Animal Communicator

Sue London

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