On May 1st, 1989 Sue London stared blankly at the ceiling of her doctor’s office, thinking “Why me?” She had just been told she had Crohn’s disease. In 1996 Sue’s illness flared up again and her intestine burst. She was rushed to the hospital and doctors predicted that she was just 30 minutes from death. Fortunately, a talented surgeon was able to act quickly and save her life. Following this dramatic event, Sue began to take proactive steps to health and happiness. Faced with a giant STOP SIGN, Sue made the left turn of a lifetime, adopted a positive outcome and never looked back!

Most people will experience some kind of difficult or traumatic situation in their lives. Sadly many will face it alone with little to no support. Through Soar Above It All, Sue London offers caring support and optimism to people who are suffering.

Sue London’s book, “Soar Above It All,” is her life story. It is a story of triumph of illness, abuse, disease and divorce. The book will help people move forward in their lives, heal and become successful survivors of life’s many challenges. Enjoy reading Sue’s book and “Soar Above It All”!