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On May 1st, 1989 I sat in front of my doctor as she told me four words that would change my life forever…. YOU HAVE A DISEASE …. I was numb, I was in shock, and I began to cry. I thought at that moment my life was over. I had delivered my first baby, a beautiful baby girl, just nine months earlier. This diagnosis was not far! Why me? Why was this happening to me? I asked everyone to give me the answer to my question but nobody knew. Many replied there is a reason and one day you will discover it. I did discover it years later AND you could say it was at a time in my life where I never dreamed things would ever be so great. I went on to heal an “incurable disease” ( at least that is what the medical folks call it), Crohns disease, I went on to inspire millions of people around the world on my radio show, Get Inspired Radio, and I am sharing healing and inspiring tools and tips with others. Everything I am doing today is because of getting diagnosed and overcoming and healing that disease known as Crohns disease. That disease made me who I am today and I am grateful for the lessons I learned. It WAS a meant to be!!!! I share these words with you because only you can choose the outcome along your journey. No doctor can do that. If you are reading this right now never give up hope, stay positive, and know that the impossible is definitely possible!

It WAS a Meant to be!

Sue London

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