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Online Training:  Level 1 Reiki For People, Pets, & Our Planet with Reiki Master Sue London

A 2 part event:

Day 1: Wednesday July 10 @ 7 pm – 9 pm EST

Day 2: Thursday July 11 @ 7 pm- 9 pm EST

Embark on a holistic journey with my Level 1 course, embracing healing for people, pets, and our planet. This comprehensive program covers hands-on Reiki techniques for both individuals, pets, and our planet. Highlights of the course include:

People Healing: Learn the art of hands-on Reiki for self-healing and aiding others.

Pet Reiki: Discover specialized techniques for providing healing energy to your beloved pets.

Planet Wellness: Realize ways to extend healing energy to the planet, fostering environmental well-being.

Level 1 eBook Manual: Receive a comprehensive guide to assist you throughout the learning process.


  • Learn self-Reiki and Reiki for others (normally separates course).
  • Discover how you can help our planet.
  • I extend Reiki to you for 21 days post-training.
  • Text support from me during the 21-day period, followed by email support.

Post-Training Benefits:

Lifetime Access: Once you complete a level of Reiki Training with me, revisit that level anytime at no additional cost.

Ongoing Support: Enjoy continuous support and the opportunity to ask questions as you continue your Reiki journey.

This course is designed to empower you to contribute to the well-being of individuals, pets, and the planet.

Cost: $250

Register for this training date & hit the Add To Cart button @ https://asksuelondon.com/product/level-1-reiki-for-people-pets-and-our-planet/ 

If you have questions about this training please email me to set up a quick call – sue@asksuelondon.com