Fearful of Dying? What’s It Like On The Other Side


“What’s It Like On The Other Side?”, is a question Sue gets asked a lot! Having survived two near death experiences that gave her direct witness to the “other side,” Sue has served as a bridge between the two worlds which help bring peace and even healing. If you are someone who fears death, or who has experienced a near death experience, talking to Sue as she shares what really happens will simply touch your heart and soul.

After this one-hour online session with Sue on Zoom, you’ll experience peace, calmness, and find answers to all your questions.

***Messages From Your Loved Ones & Pets are a different consultation and are discussed over a 30 minute or 1 hour Zoom call with Sue

Perhaps you have recently lost a pet or a loved one, Sue will explain what happened after they took their last breath and share their healing messages during the 30 minute or 1 hour zoom call.



Sue’s unique journey through two near-death experiences has positioned her as a guide, helping others navigate the mysteries of the afterlife. Her role as a bridge between the two worlds enables Sue to provide insights and comfort to those who fear death or have had near-death experiences.

In a one-hour session with Sue, individuals who are approaching the end of their lives will find solace and reassurance about what awaits them. Sue’s firsthand accounts of the “other side” will help alleviate fears and bring a sense of peace to those contemplating their mortality.

For individuals who have had near-death experiences and are grappling with understanding or processing the events, Sue offers a valuable resource. Her ability to share insights and answer questions about the mysteries of the afterlife is particularly comforting for those seeking answers that traditional sources can not provide.

***This is a coaching/ support call only. Messages from your loved ones or pets are not included during this consultation. 


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