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An Evening with Your Angels


Eating Healthy with Sue

New upcoming event dates for meeting your angels are August 22, October 3, and November 14. Read Sue's latest blog post on how she reduced inflammation and lost weight with the Hormone Reset Diet.

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Private Consultations with Sue London

One on One
Loving Guidance

With free energy healing!

Private Consultations in Person or by Skype

Your loved ones are always here helping you along your journey. Come and hear their words of love and support.

Energy Healing with Sue London

Soothing and Comforting Energetic Support

Multiple sessions available!

Distant Healing Energy Packages with Channeled Messages

Relax and enjoy the positive, loving energy flowing to you and harmonizing your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Events with Sue London

Messages from the Light in a Small Group Setting

Personal and Loving

An Evening with Your Angels and Other Events

Experience the joy with others as Sue connects you with your loved ones in this intimate event.

Books by Sue London

SeveralYou Too Can Positively Transform Your Life

Get inspired!

Sue's Inspirational Books for Adults and Children

Miracles do happen. Sue presents real-life events that show love transpires all in her three-book collection.

  • Recipes for Health

    From dealing with the complications of Crohn's disease, Sue London has learned how integral our diet is to our health. Read from recipes and the ways her changes with food have radically healed her. Read More
  • How to Transform Your Life

    From deep down to everyday emotional stress, find meditations, energy healing exercises and more that can help you positively transform your life. Read More
  • Stories to Inspire

    Our spiritual loved ones are always communicating and working with us. Read how the love from the other side is abundant in our lives and how they are helping us every moment of our journey. Read More
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