The Match Makers

Ross & Sue London photo taken by Paul de Burger

Ross & Sue London
photo taken by Paul de Burger

After I went through divorce with my practice husband, I honestly thought I would spend the rest of my life alone. I was a 38 year old woman who had been through 18 surgeries and had countless scars to show for it. I will always remember my divorce lawyer saying, “Mark my words , in five years you will be remarried.” My reply was “Not Happening!” For the first time in my life I was not under the control of a man. I could live the life I wanted. I could do the things I enjoyed. A huge part of me felt that if I got involved with another man, I would lose my freedom and identity. It was great to finally be my true self. Twenty-five days short of the five year anniversary of my divorce, I married my soul mate, Ross. My intuitive lawyer, Barb, later shared she had a very strong feeling come over her to share that thought. Was it divinely guided? Were my loved ones on the other side trying to tell me all was going to be alright in my life? Absolutely, but I had ignored it!

In order for me to prepare and attract my Mr. Right I had a lot of work to do first. After my divorce, I needed the time to heal myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Going through abuse and learning my husband had girlfriends during most of our married life was not easy to swallow. Growing up in an abusive, unloving home didn’t help either. I had very low in confidence and self-esteem. I knew I had come to a time in my life where I had to take time to heal all these deep wounds. I knew if I didn’t take this much needed time to heal, then I would repeat the past and experience more abusive relationships throughout my life. Every time I took the needed time to work on myself I saw miracles unfold around me. And I can honestly tell you, I was amazed with what events unfolded next.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. It was early in 2000 when I had just completed my level 2 Reiki training. My Reiki teacher was on a mission for me to learn that I had gifts and abilities that were very special. I really thought everybody saw angels and their loved ones who were on the other side. And I thought everyone received visions and messages from the other side. My teacher’s intention was to introduce me to a number of people who would go on to confirm the same message she was attempting to get me to understand – that not everyone had my abilities. One of the people she introduced me too was an intuitive spiritual coach, named Lloyd. This was a man who saw my future and what I needed to work on in order for me to heal and clear all the years of baggage.

As part of my healing, and to help me build confidence, Lloyd suggested I join Toastmasters International – a speaking club that helps people get over their fear of speaking in public. The strong willed side of me resisted doing this part of my homework in a huge way. I dug my heels in and made every excuse under the sun why I couldn’t go. Even after Lloyd shared a vision of who I was going to meet – a wonderful man with a beautiful soul that everyone loved – I still refused to make that call – that is until my loved ones on the other side stepped in and said enough is enough.

When we aren’t on track with our purpose in life we will be given signs that will lead us to the next steps to take along our journey. I will honestly tell you, I used to ignore most of these, but not any longer! Because I was not making the call to join Toastmasters, my loved ones decided to bring others in on this side to help them get through to me. Life changed for me during a warm summer’s day while running errands. During this particular shopping day I ran into Diane. I had helped her husband cope with Colitis a few years earlier. Diane and I both knew it was strange we had not seen each other for years and now we are running into each other constantly that day.  Seven times to be exact! I knew there was a reason and tried everything to ignore the higher purpose. I asked her if there was something I could help her with. She replied no, and then asked me the same question. As mentioned, Lloyd had given me the homework to go to Toastmasters International. I had told him I couldn’t find the local club phone number to get more details. The real reason was I didn’t want to see the number or else I’d have to go. Talk about resistance! I sure didn’t tell Diane that though because at that time of my life it was all about helping others not myself and about resisting change.

After our seventh chance meeting that day I finally gave up resisting and told her I was looking for the phone number for the local Toastmasters Club. An hour later, I arrived home to my phone ringing. Diane had found the number for the local Toastmaster Club. I called the number she gave me and left a message for the male’s voice on the other end. That man called me back a couple days later. He had just returned from a summer vacation. Here’s where the story gets interesting! This man, Ross, was curious how I had gotten his number. He indicated that his phone number was not promoted as the contact number for the local club. His number was never listed in the newspaper – the same newspaper where Diane had just found his number! We connected instantly over the phone. I felt like I was talking to an old friend whom I had known for a very long time.

Ross greeted me at the door a few nights later at my first Toastmasters meeting. It was Sept 11, 2001. I had chills. This man reminded me so much of my Grandpa Buck. These two men even shared the same first name – Ross. All evening I felt safe, protected, and really distracted at how this man whom I had just met, felt like someone I had known all of my life.

Ross became my mentor at Toastmasters and helped me conquer my fear of speaking in public and my fear of being the center of attention. He helped me prepare my speeches. He assured me when people were crying during my speeches, it was a good thing. I was inspiring the group, he shared. I believe that it was my loved ones, on the other side, that were giving me glimpse of what my future had in store for me. Toastmasters allowed me to grow, heal, and become a confident person.

Ross asked me out for a date through email a few weeks later. I will admit I ignored the offer for a couple of weeks. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get into any relationship. I honestly liked having independence in my life and felt having a man in my life would change that. I had no idea it was about to get better and better. While I was ignoring Ross’ offer, throughout those weeks, I was receiving phone calls with channel messages from all those supportive, butt kicking, beings on the other side. People were phoning and saying I had this strong urge and need to call you that led into every one of them saying, “What if he is Mr. Right?” Finally, I listened and accepted the date offer. Not only did that make Ross happy, but also very relieved.

Our first date was to a dinner theatre. The plot of the play was all about a man who was having an affair on his wife. Ross felt terrible he had picked this play because of the parallels and irony with my life. Things always happen for a reason and this was a meant to be because while it was playing I kept thinking how funny it was. I didn’t attach any personal emotion to it. It was proof to me that I had healed and was ready to start a new life. I really enjoyed my quality time and the great conversation with Ross. It truly felt like we had known each other forever. As the evening unfolded we were so deep in conversation that we forgot there was a play going on. During the evening, Ross shared that I had the same name as his favorite Grandma, Grandma Suzy. I shared with him that he had the same name as my favorite Grandpa, my Grandpa Buck. Buck was his nickname, it was really Ross! Seriously what are the chances for that to happen? The coincidence gave me a chill! I felt Grandpa Ross and Grandma Suzy’s presence with us during that evening. I’m sure it was a huge relief to them that we were together. Now they could take that we’ll deserved rest.

As time progressed we realized that our loved ones had been working on bringing us together for a long time. Coincidence or meant-to-be, you be the judge? Years earlier, we had lived on the same street; Ross worked for a hardware store and delivered lumber to our home. I remembered that day! I was sitting on our lawn, reading a book, thinking “what gabby men”. My father commented, “What a nice guy that delivery man was”. There’s more! Our two eldest daughters actually went to the same school; were in the same grade; in the school band; they knew each other; and shared the same middle name. Growing up I had visions of having four daughters. As it turns out Ross has two and I had two!

Months before meeting Ross, I attended a conference called, The Power Within Us, where Mark Victor Hansen was teaching the power of our intentions. Our homework was to make a list of what we wanted in our life. On my list, were the qualities of the ideal man for me. He had to love animals as much as I did; he had to be supportive; he had to have a desire for travel and adventure; he had to love me for who I am; and it was important that he live a healthy lifestyle. This exactly describes Ross.

After Ross and I had been together for awhile, we wrote down how we envisioned our future. We did this exercise independently of each other and were surprised at the parallels that we both described.

Ross and I were married on November 29, 2003. I am truly such a blessed person to have such an incredible man in my life. When Ross introduces me to new people, he introduces me as his adventure, not his wife. He says this because he never knows what we are going to be doing next. I am honored to be his adventure!

A few years after we were married I had experienced past life regression therapy. During a session I discovered Ross & I were married to each other every life time. No wonder we felt like we had known each other forever!

Many people search for their significant other, stressing and worrying when and if it will happen. After this experience it showed me that when we are truly ready for our Mr. or Mrs. Right, they will come. I spent almost five years of healing and preparing myself for one of the greatest gifts God would ever bring me – my husband Ross. Take the time to heal your wounds, learn to truly love yourself, make a list of the qualities you want your Mr. or Mrs. Right to have and when you are ready, you too, will have it happen in the right place at the right time.

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