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Harmony Mind-Body Energetic Meditation

Harmony Mind-Body Energetic Exercise© is an original energy healing exercise, based on your body’s own inner wisdom and its capacity for harmony, balance, wellness and well-being.

Harmony increases your capacity to relax, rejuvenate and heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually. You’ll find the full explanation and directions on pages 48-54 in Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care: A Living in Balance Guide and Workbook as well as in the Introductory MP3 which is part of the gift.

The Harmony MP3, allows you to relax and enjoy this meditative energy medicine exercise so you won’t have to worry about what comes next. You can simply delight in it and learn the technique as you listen and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Warning: The Harmony Mind-Body Energetic Exercise is so soothing and so relaxing you might just have to create a special daily quiet time so you can soak up the benefits.

Harmony is wonderful when used daily for building awareness and self-knowledge as well as for relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner balance.

End Chronic Stress.

Establish your Relaxation Response.

Balance your nervous system with your chakra system for an increased quality of life. Click on this link to enjoy this powerful meditation: http://mindfulpathways.com/product/harmony-meditation/

Brings Adrenals and Chakras into the Present Moment with this powerful exercise

Chakra Balance©

Bring Adrenals and Chakras into the Present Moment with this powerful exercise

In order for you to be relaxed internally, with the Autonomic Nervous System balanced, your chakra system has to be adjusted to the day you are in, not stuck somewhere in the past or future.

Ask your chakra system and each of your chakras to come into the moment (clearly state the date and time)

This chakra exercise is best done morning and evening so your chakra system stays in the moment.

Check your chakras one at a time to make sure they are open and spinning in a clockwise direction. (For direction, visualize the back of the clock resting on your chest, and the face pointing out into the world).

Let the 1st chakra be a mixing tank to create a new configuration of information for the lower chakras.

Chakra 1, 2, 3, when open, heightens emotional sensations. Dial them down to 20% 30% open and this allows the body to shut off so the adrenals can rest and self-regulate.

Giving you

  • More neutral feelings
  • Freedom from judgment and criticism of self and others
  • The ability to stay out of the drama of the moment
  • Fewer feelings of fear so the body can rest
  • The ability to respond appropriately
  • Confidence so you are no longer hypervillegent
  • The full ability to respond in an appropriate way.

Working with 1,2, and 3 helps the heart refine inner wisdom.

Charkra 4 (the heart) harmonizes all of the parts of you and provides a peace you can feel and experience. Set the heart chakra at 50% open so you can be compassionate without being overwhelmed by others or situations.

Chakras 5, 6, 7 – can create heightened awareness, so keep them at 60% open, especially the 7th so you can receive cosmic energy.

Adrenals glands: Our goal is to put them into new cycles that can run for the day, a month, any number of years, or and for a life time. These cycles are appropriate for the situation, and are flowing, flexible, and healthy.

  Janet Nestor, MA  LPC DCEP
  • Handout: A Day of Radical Self-Care
  •  www.mindfulpathways.com  janetnestor@gmail.com
  • This Chakra Balance is adapted from the teaching of fellow Soul Detective Jennifer Colosshey. It has been adapted for A Day of Radical Self-Care Workshops.

Grounding Exercise from guest Janet Nestor

Here is a powerful exercise to do to help you get grounded. Enjoy! Grounding ©
  • Stand in a chi gong position, feet shoulder width apart.
  • Relax your shoulders and concentrate on breathing from your belly.
  • Ask your angels to place your body in perfect position for maximum energy flow.
  • Sink a grounding chord, as wide as your hips and from your belly button into the ground and deep into the Earth until it reaches the center of the Earth.
  • Pause until you feel the energy of the earth and all the energetic food She has for you.
  • Once you can feel the energy, bring the Earth’s essence up the cord and into your lower Dan Tien (in the center of your lower belly) and allow it to flow through your body and up your body and out your crown chakra and on into the cosmos.
  • Notice your energy.
  • Reach up to your crown chakra. Open an imaginary flap to that chakra, dust it off and (using your hands and your imagination) clean your spiritual umbilical cord that extends up through your spiritual chakras and into the cosmos.
  • Send the chord up into the heavens until you can feel all the love, wisdom, and beauty of the Creator of All.
  • Allow that love, wisdom, and beauty to flow into the chord, down through your crown and into your body filling it with love and light.
  • Continue to flow the energy down through your body and down your legs to the chakra in each of your feet (right at or slightly below the ball of your foot). From your feet send the Creative energy of the Universe into the Earth, giving her much needed love which is Her spiritual food.
  • Notice your energy.
  • Now mix the energies throughout your body. Using your right hand, bring the Earth energy up the center of your body and out through your crown chakra. And using your left hand bring the spiritual energy from the Cosmos down through your body and send it down into the Earth.
  • Alternating hands in a controlled wave-like motion, bring the energy up your body from Earth and down your body from the Cosmos.
  • Continue mixing the energies until you feel the job is complete.
  • Your arms are now hanging comfortably on the left and right sides of your body.
  • Notice your energy and how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
  • Bring your hands together at your naval area: Right hand resting on your body and your left hand resting on top of your right. Feel the warmth of your body mix with the warmth of your hands.
  • Notice your breath, your body, and how refreshed, clear, and fully present you feel
  • Give thanks
Janet Nestor, MA  LPC  DCEP Handout: A Day of Radical Self-Care This grounding technique is from Soul Detective training and my own intuitive work. www.mindfulpathays.com janetnestor@gmail.com

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