Spiritual Life Coaching


As a spiritual life coach, my coaching style is unlike anything you have ever experienced. I combine my intuition, my experience and various life coaching techniques to help you:

  •  Release emotional blocks
  •  Improve clarity
  •  Increase spiritual awareness
  •  Refine focus to achieve goals
  •  Renew your energy level encompassing a sense of calm

Being trained in Transcendental Meditation, I will teach you different forms of meditation so you can learn to be grounded and more focused. You will learn to live in the “now” moment so you become aware of new and great opportunities.

You will learn through my spiritual life coaching how to be a victor not a victim. You will learn different techniques to help you release those anchors that are holding you back from soaring to new heights.

I will help you strengthen your intuition so you have new insights that will help you look at situations in a more positive way. You will know that you are not alone and that you have support, love and strength.

Together, we will prepare a plan for you to create a spiritual life that’s aligned with your vision and your values.

My goal is to inspire you to take consistent and productive daily action that moves you towards your dreams. Are you ready to get started?

Here is what others have to say about working with me:

“So our journey together has ended for now and I wanted to thank you for all of your support and encouragement. I feel I have grown over the last few months and I have become more focused, calmer, and more organized. I know I am just getting started and still have much to do, but getting that push-start from you, has set me on my way. I am sure we’ll stay in touch and good luck with your future endeavors.” – A.P. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I feel free from all the guilt I was carrying around. Thank you for the magic and love you spread!” – H.C, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Email Sue London for more information: GetInspiredRadio@gmail.com

About Sue London:

Sue London overcame and healed Crohns Disease, abuse, a life and death pregnancy, was given just 30 minutes to live in life, had a near death experience, went through divorce after learning her husband was having an affair, and then detoxed her life and went on to create the life you truly loves including marrying her Mr. Right! Sue walks her talk and she leads you to bettering your journey.

Sue has the perfect coaching packages to suit your style and budget.

Empowerment and Energy Monthly Tele-class
During this monthly group tele-class you will have the opportunity to get inspired and get informed with tools to change your life, while receiving a distant Reiki healing. At the end of our one hour topic call, you will have the opportunity to ask me your questions. How amazing is that? And you can experience all this from the comfort of your own space!

(cost $27/ month)

6 Week Detox Coaching programs are conducted as a group through teleseminar format.

(cost for group coaching – $247)

6 Week Detox Coaching programs are conducted one on one over the telephone.

(cost for individual sessions – $897)

6 Week Course – Detox Your Life

Together we will take a journey through the mind, body, and soul. We will detox all areas of your life so you can get rid of what’s not working in your life to make room for joy, happiness, and peace!

Week 1


Areas we will cover:

  • How your environment affects you
  • Fengshui
  • Steps to clear your clutter

Homework will be given

Week 2


 Areas we will cover:

  • Importance of eating the right foods for your body
  • The role of exercise
  • Healthy supplements (Lisa and I will talk more about this during this week of training)

Homework will be given

Week 3


Areas we will cover:

  • You will learn a powerful technique for letting go
  • You will put your attention to areas you need to let go
  • You will learn more about the universal support system around you (angels)

Homework will be given

Week 4


Areas we will cover:

  • Clear your mind
  • You will learn to live in the present moment
  • You will learn a Be Present meditation

Homework will be given

Week 5


Areas we will cover:

  • You will learn techniques to have a clear intention

Homework will be given

Week 6


Areas we will cover:

  • How to create time for yourself
  • How to say NO
  • Organizing your calendar

Homework will be given


Books by Sue London

Learn more about Sue London’s personal healing journey through her true life book – “Soar Above It All – Overcoming Adversities in Life”

Soar Above It All - Overcoming Adversities in Life