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Radio Host Training with Sue London – How To Launch and Monetize A Successful Radio Show In 30 Days with Award Winning, Internationally Known Radio Host & Producer of GET INSPIRED RADIO ™ & Founder & Producer of Get Inspired Media Network™ Sue London

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During these 4* one-hour sessions Sue London will train you how to become a radio host.

All training sessions are conducted live through phone or skype.


By the end of the training you will end up with your own radio show registered and up and running with guests already booked.Sue London guides you through the entire process, from picking your title and format for your show as well as back end processes to ensure you are equipped and confident and most of all, you achieve what you want out of doing your show.


How to make your radio show a business

  • Sue will supply templates for packages to offer your sponsors
  • Sue will give you suggestions for monetizing your show
  • Sue will recommend other services as a host that you can offer your guests
  • How to promote your product, service, or business through your own radio show
  • Sue will recommend easy to follow steps to increase your listeners giving you and your show
  • more exposure and increased sales for your own products and services
  • Sue will supply a step by step media marketing plan of action
  • You will learn how to promote yourself during interviews on other radio shows
  • Sue will share an extensive directory of websites of where to submit articles
  • Sue will share an extensive list of radio stations to promote yourself as a guest
  • Sue will share multiple ways to gain public awareness for you as the host and your products/ services


  • Fewer technical challenges for you
  • Sue will connect you to other radio hosts for extra support. Having other hosts supporting you and sharing their guest details is a huge bonus


  • Sue will connect you to the most cost efficient services and reputable companies for producing commercials, intros, and outros for your show
  • Becoming a radio host can lead to many more opportunities for you and during this training Sue will share suggestions and options for you


  • Sue will give you a template outlining what your guest is required to send you prior to your interview
  • Sue will make available her extensive database to you sharing celebrity guest contact information
  • Sue will guide you with your time management when booking guests


  • Sue will give you the templates for scripts for 30 minute shows, and 60 minute shows so once you get your guests details all you need to do is cut and paste their details
  • Sue will give you the template for creating commercials, intros, and extros
  • Sue will give you the template for sponsor

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What people are saying about this valuable training program with Sue London…

“Sue London was an incredible resource for me at a time when I wanted to expand my channels to reachmore people with my work. She is extremely well equipped to guide others in creating their own radio show. Sue is very professional and knowledgeable about how to monetize your passions and help people at the same time. She walks you step by step on exactly what you need to do and guides you up right up to launching your show. I highly recommend her if you have the goal this year to start your own radio show. Thank you so much Sue, I am having a blast with my show” – Jennifer R. Bailey

“Sue truly is an inspiration; her enthusiastic positive energy is contagious. She is highly organized and detail orientated. Sue has mentored me through my Radio Host training over the last 4 weeks. Her knowledge and experience has been invaluable. Sue has given me the confidence and motivation to succeed as a radio host. I am honored to have Sue London as my first guest. I highly recommend working with Sue, she makes an amazing coach.” – Jenny Evans

“I had a great experience being taught by Sue on how to become an internet radio host. It would have taken me months to acquire the info that Sue has at her fingertips. Excellent resource and she made learning fun.” – Heidi Cowie RSW

“As consumers of any item or service, the general public has come to accept minimal effort and results as satisfactory. Do not expect that from Sue London. She is thorough and thoughtful. With one focus on the temperament of her student and another on results, Sue is a professional. I secured her services to assist me with my radio talk show and the information and coaching I received was meaningful and timely. I would estimate that my experience with her is worth years of hands-on experience in the industry. If one is looking for a jump-start – Sue London is your answer. On a personal note, she is caring and compassionate, something I did not expect to receive. Thanks, Sue, for all that you do!” – Von Goodwin

“Sue London is a wonderful and knowledgeable trainer in internet Radio Hosting. She gives 110% and you come away with a lot of valuable information.” – Dr. Diane A. Thompson, MD

Sue is an award winning Producer & Radio Host, Motivational Speaker, Trainer, and Author. She can be heard by millions on her weekly radio show Get Inspired Radio ™. Sue is the Founder and Producer of Get Inspired Media Network™ – a network that offers hope, inspiration and empowerment to millions. Sue has been interviewed on 4000 + radio shows around the globe. She is the recipient of the Business Mastery Award (2007); Author of several books including ” Soar Above it All: Overcoming Adversities in Life ” (Kristar Publishing).