Rocky’s Trip to the Hospital



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In Rocky’s Trip To The Hospital, a special little Shih-Tzu dog, Rocky, proves that animals are a person’s best friend. Rocky provides comfort, joy, and therapeutic healing powers to a little girl named Marie, who has to go to the hospital. The story follows Marie’s journey back to health. It demonstrates the value of pets and the human spirit’s ability to overcome obstacles.

5 reviews for Rocky’s Trip to the Hospital

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    A heart-warming story that puts a smile on your face with each page that you turn!

    Dr. Anna Neff

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    You are really a terrific example of one who helps others because of your own misfortune… Keep up the positives!

    Vicki S., Teacher

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    My daughters love this book. They consider their dog to be another member of the family, their sister. Sue makes this little dog so human and caring. Loved it!

    Colleen Hiscock, Food Scientist

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    Sue, your ability to think of others and reach out a helping hand, in the face of adversity, is incredible. You’re one in a million.

    Deborah A. Filler, Clinical Therapist

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    A great story everyone can relate to – both young and old. Vivid pictures.

    Kim Sweezie, Nurse

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