New Beginnings

Years ago I struggled with Crohns disease, abuse, a life and death pregnancy, was given just thirty minutes to live, flat lined and crossed over to the other side, to come back and learn my husband of sixteen years had a girlfriend. It was a time in my life that I experienced tremendous spiritual growth. I learned that life is very short and every minute is truly a gift. Knowing that life can end at the wink of an eye, I became empowered. I asked my angels to give me the courage and strength to make positive changes in my life. They provided the right people, places, and situations that would help me make those positive changes. Within a short time I began to experience the miracles unfold around me, as you will learn about throughout this book.

Before I was diagnosed with Crohns disease I will honestly tell you that I took life for granted. I will admit I ate poorly, worried about EVERYTHING, was fearful of being the center of attention, was fearful of the unknown, and I was a people pleaser. I would never say NO to anyone. Then on May 1st 1989, life changed for me. God and my angels were about to teach me the biggest lessons that I would ever learn in my life. On the day, little did I know that I would go on to teach my lessons to millions of people around the world. As I sat in front of my doctor I heard him say the test results showed up as Crohns disease. I thought I would pass out. I thought life was over and I wished I could die. Crohn’s disease is inflammation in the intestinal track. Symptoms include rapid weight loss, chronic diarrhea, and severe pain – just to name a few! My emotions included being angry, depressed, and devastated. During that time, I gave up on my belief in God. Just nine months earlier I had delivered my first baby – a beautiful baby girl, whom I had waited to conceive for four years. To have this disease and those horrible symptoms come just after I experienced such an incredible gift of giving birth, made me question how I could be a good mother, and what her childhood would be like. I blamed God for me giving me this horrible disease.

God and my Angels felt my pain and heard my cry for help. It wasn’t long before miracles starting happening in my life. During my first hospital stay after being diagnosed with Crohns disease, while I was experiencing excruciating pain, a nurse came into my room. She was someone that I had never seen before. I felt an extraordinary amount of love and support surrounding her. I felt calm and peaceful in her presence. She told me she was there to help me get away from the pain. She told me to focus on somewhere I always wanted to visit so I focused on Hawaii. She took me through a guided meditation, where I experienced the sites, the food, and the local culture. After the meditation I was pain free. It was a miracle. Hours later, the night staff noticed an improvement in my health. I told them about my positive experience with the nurse who taught me to meditate. They looked confused and nobody knew her, nor was she was on staff. I never saw that nurse again. She was my guardian angel sent to me during one of my darkest moments.

More angels showed up during that time of my life. They protected me from being worked on by the wrong health care professionals. They sent me the right people and animals to ‘kick my butt’ in order for me to shift to a positive mindset. They guided me to make better choices in all areas of my life.

In 1992, when I was pregnant with my second daughter, Crohns disease flared up again and my weight went down to just eighty pounds. I was very sick, weak and could not walk to the washroom which was just four feet away without assistance. My Doctor asked me to consider the possibility of either I would live or my unborn baby would. I strongly believe that things happen in our life for a reason. I was pregnant for a reason and I knew both the baby and I were going to live. My choice was I fired my doctor and my angels sent me a new one who was much more positive and as much an animal lover as myself. Knowing how much I loved my dog Rocky, and how much I was missing him, my new doctor prescribed a visit for him.

Another miracle happened when my fifteen pound shih-tzu, Rocky, came to the hospital. In that era, animals were not allowed into hospitals. In order for me to see my furry friend, I had to visit him outside on the patio area. When the nurse came into my room to tell me Rocky had arrived, I was so excited to see him that I did not wait for the wheel chair that the nurse had gone to collect. Instead, I found the strength to walk down the long hallway to him. Remember, until this point, I was too weak to walk just four feet. When I saw Rocky jumping up against the glass door, energy filled my body.  I opened the door, he jumped into my arms, and my healing was well on its way. I went home two days later. On March 29 1993, I delivered a beautiful baby girl. All the nurses and my doctors commented that they had truly witnessed a miracle.

As I have mentioned, I am a very strong believer that everything in our life happens for a reason. That beautiful baby girl has become one of my greatest teachers. She taught me to let go of worry! At every birthday, and growing experience like her graduation, getting her driver’s license and her wedding day I have been overjoyed with tears. Tears of gratitude that we both survived and tears of joy for my angel dog, Rocky, and the role he played in making this incredible miracle happen.

In 1996, I experienced unfamiliar feelings within my intestinal area. The doctor initially diagnosed that I had a torn muscle. However, a few hours afterwards, I was rushed back to the hospital because my intestine had burst. I was given just thirty minutes to live. Not long after that, I flat lined and crossed over to the other side.

People often ask me, “What it is like when you have a near death experience?” The best way for me to describe it, is heavenly. As the doctors were trying desperately to save me, my body began to feel lighter and I started to float over my actual body. It was hard for me to understand what was happening and why all these people were yelling and why it was so chaotic. At the same time, I felt safe and at peace. As my body elevated higher and higher I came to a white light. Then I began to walk through a foggy looking tunnel. The more I walked through the tunnel, the stronger the feeling of love and peace came over me. I absolutely loved this unfamiliar feeling. Before this experience I was emotionally and physically drained, and I wanted to give up and die. I felt I was a terrible mother because I couldn’t be there for my children like other mothers. I was tired of fighting to survive. I felt no love or support from my husband. Get the picture? Here I was in this peaceful, supportive, loving place and pain free. I felt like it was the greatest gift I could ever have been given. I was determined to stay and enjoy this wonderful feeling.

I soon learned that when it is not our time we have to go back. Just as I was feeling good about staying, a familiar person appeared through the fog. It was my Grandpa Buck. Alive he was my best friend, he was my mentor, and he was my hero. If God and his Angels were going to send anyone to ‘kick my butt’ and to get through to me, it had to be my Grandpa Buck. We enjoyed our reunion together. He shared he had never left me and that he would always be with me. He told me I had to go back – “I had millions of people and animals around the world that I needed to go back and help,” he proudly shared with a huge grin on his face. He seemed relieved that I could finally hear his wisdom again. Or perhaps I should say he was relieved that I was finally listening! I can honestly tell you that as close as we were and still are, I thought he was nuts about me helping millions of people and animals. My dear grandfather showed me the bigger picture and explained that my girls were going to really need me and it was very important that I went back. And then again, as he had done when he was alive, he asked me to just trust him, which I did! I came back and life was never the same.

I had no idea how long I was gone. I do remember the nurses and doctors shocked when I asked why everyone was so upset. When the excitement calmed down and I was alone again, Grandpa Buck’s words kept resonating in my ears. Then the questions and analyzing in my head started. How was I going to help millions of people and animals around the world? Becoming really stressed about how this would all unfold, I did something I had never done before in my life – I began to pray and talk to God. I thanked him for giving me a second chance, and for sending me back to my two beautiful baby girls and to my special dog, Rocky. I promised God that I would follow his lead and fulfill my destiny of helping others. For someone who lacked faith and always had to know the outcome ahead of time, this was a huge step for me!

When I came home after my life altering hospital stay, I learned that my husband of sixteen years had a girlfriend. The old me would have been heartbroken and devastated. However, now knowing how life was so extremely short, I saw this as a meant to be – a new beginning for me – a clearing of what was not good in my life. I became empowered and showed that man the door. I went through divorce and started a healing journey on many levels. I found the strength to clear all the abusive people from my life. I stopped others from controlling my life. It was challenging at times, but knowing that I was supported from the other side made it easier for me to make the right choices.

Angels were showing themselves to me daily and giving me messages with guidance. Every step I took on my journey, would lead me to someone saying, “Thank God for you, Sue.”  Five years after my divorce, my angels sent me ‘Mr. Right’, my husband, my soul mate, and my best friend, Ross. And together we are given trips that send us to new places to help those in need. As my destiny of helping people and animals started to unfold, I cannot tell you how many women become empowered to leave abusive relationships once they see Ross and I together. Women have come up to him, asking for a hug from a real man. They didn’t know love could feel like that. Often I receive emails from those same women saying they were so moved by our presence that they found the courage to end abusive relationships.

Those struggles I faced in my earlier years were the best things that could have happened to me. It made me stronger, realizing that we are supported, loved, and always surrounded with help from our loved ones and angels on the other side. Once we ask for their help, that is when things begin to change. The disease that doctors all told me ‘was incurable and something that I would learn to live with for the rest of my life’, is now completely gone. I am proud to say I am 100 % healed of Crohns disease, healthy, happy, enjoying life to the fullest and appreciating every moment of it.

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