2014-09-29 Sue doing radio show

Becoming a Radio Host was sure not something I had envisioned. It came about because I was a guest on a radio show promoting my personal life story of overcoming obstacles: a battle with Crohns disease including being given thirty minutes left to live, abuse, a life and death pregnancy, a near death experience, and going through a divorce. While these obstacles were daunting, I wound up soaring above it all and creating the lifestyle I desire. I will admit that at first I was very nervous about hosting a radio show. What kind of guests and topics would I cover? How would I organize a script and what about learning the technology behind hosting a show? And then once I did all that, how and where would I promote the show? All these things ran through my mind! However, once I became clear on my reason for hosting a show, then things just started to flow. I wanted to help millions of people around the world cope, heal, and move through challenges similar to what I had once faced in my own life. I wanted to inspire the listeners to soar above their own obstacles and challenges!

Many unexpected benefits have ensued from hosting my own radio show. I have met an incredible number of talented and gifted people who are truly making a positive difference in the lives of many. I have worked on other exciting projects with quite a number of my guests some of whom have featured me in their books. I have been invited in to schools and on to television, as well as to join conferences and speak at telesummits. I have authored and published articles in countless magazines in Canada, USA, and England. Perhaps most deeply enriching, I have experienced personal spiritual growth and developed wonderful new friendships as a result of interviewing guests. The benefits have not been just personal but also professional. I have watched my business grow as a result of my own radio show. It gives me a platform to promote the media company I founded, Get Inspired Media Network, as well as to discuss my training programs and my three books. Being a Radio Host has also brought me many more engagements as a motivational speaker. You could say my show is a great audio-business card that reaches a large swath of people globally. Each week on my show during my final segment, I share a life lesson, a tool or technique that can help my listeners. The positive feedback that comes from these shared messages is very rewarding.

If you want to have more exposure for your product, service, or business as a whole, consider hosting your own radio show. Become a media expert in your field! Be your own star and help others through the work you do! Radio is one of the best mediums to draw attention to you and your business. Being a radio host, it certainly is much easier to get booked onto other shows.

As I look back over the years, since I started hosting my show I have become a more confident person and really have a lot of fun with my guests, my listeners and my producer. Each of my guests enjoys the experience of our interview and almost everyone asks to be invited back. I have watched my listener numbers grow as people continually express their feeling of connection with me as I share my personal stories of my husband snoring or our latest puppies’ adventures. I’m proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and becoming a radio host. It’s very rewarding knowing that I am making a positive difference in peoples’ lives through my radio show. Get Inspired Radio ™ is now syndicated and heard on multiple networks. I am now branching out and starting to host my own TV show soon! I have received two offers from producers who want to make my autobiographical book, “Soar Above It All – Overcoming Adversities in Life”, into a documentary. And that is just a small piece of what’s coming up next for me!

If you want to enjoy similar benefits from hosting your own radio show, I am here to help you with that! In four one-on-one sessions conducted over Skype or by telephone, I will teach you How To Launch and Monetize A Successful Radio Show In 30 Days ™. With this training, you will have everything in place to create a successful show.