Toxins within my body made me loose my ability to walk! Over the last two years I have been on an amazing healing journey learning just how badly toxins and chemicals from makeup, shampoo, and so much more can effect our health and well being. For two years I was having pain and swelling in my foot, the same foot that I had surgery on for Freiberg disease when I was seventeen years old. Doctors were stumped at what actions to take. There was even a discussion around possibly amputating my foot. In my 20’s and 30’s I was on very high doses of the steroid, Predisone, for Crohns disease, that years later effected my bones and muscles. After seeing the foot surgeon he suggested we take a closer look at what was causing the inflammation in my foot. Weeks earlier x-rays had shown six broken bones, degenerative arthritis, and bursitis in this foot but the surgeon (who also was a strong believer in using Reiki as a healing tool) still insisted we research what was causing the inflammation. My healing journey began. My chiropractor and family doctor both suggested I start a paleo diet. No more processed foods, no more sugars, etc. Within 4 days of changing my diet to only pure whole foods I was off the crutches that had became part of my wardrobe for many, many months. My dentist paid me a visit and brought me a healing meditation cd that I played around the clock. My dear friend Annie, who does all my facials at White Oaks Resort Spa, spent time with me clearing all of my makeup and creams and helped me get on all natural products. For my creams I switched to using coconut oil or almond oil as my moisturizer. I asked my angels to guide me to the answer for the pain I was still feeling in my foot and other areas of my body when I walked. Because of not walking for so long I had to learn how to walk again. My muscles had become very weak from sitting for so long so I had to learn ways to build them up again. When I did walk I was compensating in my body and bringing on pain due to my spine twisting. The twisted spine brought on headaches. A couple days after putting in my request for pain management, my angels answered my prayer. My neighbour invited me over to learn about the healing benefits of essential oils. I walked into our neighbour’s house with a painful swollen foot and pain in my left hip due to compensating when I had walked over to their house. Within minutes of having 1 drop of Doterra peppermint essential oil, 1 drop of deep blue essential oil, and 1 drop of frankincense essential oil rubbed onto the top of my foot the swelling went down and I was able to sleep through the first night in over 1.5 years. After sharing this healing experience with my husband, Ross, and our friends they too started having positive effects from the Doterra essential oils with their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. To know that my family doctor, chiropractor, dentist and naturopathic doctor all use and support me using these Doterra Essential Oils was amazing. When a doctor tells you something other than a drug is better for your health, you listen! Changing my diet, clearing everything toxic that was physical, emotional, spiritual and mental was the best gift I could  have given myself. I can walk again! Two months after starting my healing journey, Ross and I drove to Orlando, Florida with our 2 dogs and I walked around Epcot for 11 hours. When we arrived back to our car later that evening I cried. I cried tears of joy for having a supportive health team who shared the same beliefs and for having Doterra essential oils in my life. After my recovery I spent time learning from a Monk. I told him how I was so amazed that by simply changing my diet and using the certified pure therapeutic grade Doterra essential oils helped me heal. He said, and I agree, I learned many lessons from my experience of not being able to walk and now I must pass them on. I am a wellness advocate for Doterra Essential Oils and help people get on track with their physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Being a Reiki Master and Medium also helps me help others! God certainly had a plan for me! If you are going through pain or discomfort in your life or perhaps you just feel a need to cleanse your life and want to learn more about Doterra Essential Oils let’s set up a time for me to help you heal and detox. Email me at Learn more about my one on one private consultations – Learn more about our healing Air BnB – Edgeview, A Healthy Hidden Oasis! Learn more about my journey in my free ebook – Get Empowered With Your Health