Healing Meditations Much Talked About On Get Inspired Radio with Sue London

Healing Meditations Much Talked About On Get Inspired Radio with Sue London

April 10th, 2014 / Sue London

On Get Inspired Radio I talked about meditations being very healing for you. For some people it is easy to let their minds go, but for others, being guided is more helpful. Here are a few meditation links:

From radio guest Janet Nestor…

Here are the links to the meditations on midnfulpathways.  This is the sign up page for the recorded meditations on mindfulpathways.com. They include all the meditation in Nurturing Wellness plus Harmony Mind Body Energetic Exercise. Harmony is dubbed with music. No charge  http://mindfulpathways.com/audio-recordings/

Here is a gift package that is currently available.  Ebook Embracing your Joy with Mindful Meditation with REB and Harmony Mind-Body Energetic Exercise – 1 MP3 for instructions  the 2nd is the Harmony exercise.  Both Harmony MP3’s are dubbed with music and are very nice. http://mindfulpathways.com/embracing_your_joy/register.html

From radio guest Brenda Pearce…

Replay of her Distance Reiki and Meditation event:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/efactorbrendapearce/2014/02/23/distance-reiki-meditation-event

From radio guest Dr. Catherine Wright…

For purpose of letting go and healing and becoming your true self

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