Get Inspired

Linda Kaban interviews Sue London

Get inspired by Sue London’s triumphant story over illness, abuse, disease, near death and divorce. With just 30 minutes to live, Sue made a right turn in life and went on to soar above it all! Now she helps millions around the globe create the life they desire! With her award winning show GET INSPIRED RADIO™ millions of lives are being transformed! Sue London inspires audiences and readers of all ages to do the things that they’ve postponed for too long. She encourages people to adopt a positive attitude and stay true to their dreams – as she has personally done so successfully in her own life. Sue London utilizes her experience as a Reiki Master and Life Coach to guide you and your pets to a healthier, happier life. Sue’s passion is to help you experience the freedom of living the life you love, surrounded by healthy people and pets you love. Sue will share with you how to BE INSPIRED by overcoming adversities in your life. Sue is ready to help you create the life you desire!   Click here to contact Sue