Win Your Golden Seat with our radio guest Lisa Petty

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Win Your Golden Seat with our radio guest Lisa Petty

If you feel that you’re weighed down by extra pounds, lack of sleep, low libido, tricky memory, no energy and crazy stuff happening with your skin and hair that keep you from really feeling like you and maybe even have you questioning your sanity, it’s not your fault. Your hormones could be seriously out-of-whack. Happily, my friend Lisa Petty knows the steps for you to take to reclaim control of how you look and feel – and you could WIN one of 5 FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to the next ‘Healthy, Happy Hormones’ 8 Week Make-Over Tele-course. Click through this link to find out how!

Get Inspired Radio Contest – Win to Experience a Pysch-K Limited Abundance Clearing

Get Inspired Radio Contest

Contest closes Sunday May 5th, 2013

Be 1 of Our 2 Winners to Experience a Pysch-K Limited Abundance Clearing

Our show next week is about Clearing Your Limited Beliefs around Abundance. If you would like to win a free session where Nicole will clear your limited beliefs around Nicole Craig abundance on the live show, then send us an email at . Subject line – “Get Inspired Radio Contest” In this email you will share:
  • what your belief thoughts are around abundance (e.g. I have to work hard for my money)
  • share what habits prevent you from moving ahead
  • Share what you were told as a child – what did your parents teach you about abundance
  • Be sure to include your name and phone number and best time to call you along with what email to reach you at.
I will than forward your email to Nicole Craig, and she will set up a time to speak with you over the phone before our show on Thursday. Only 2 people will win this contest. Everyone entering will recieve a discounted rate of a session with Nicole Craig. You must have your emails into me at by this Sunday May 5th at midnight. To learn more about Nicole Craig please visit awesomelife .ca

Link from radio guest Lise Bourbeau

Today I interviewed Lise Bourbeau on the Joseph Ghabi Show. Our topic was STOP trying to control your weight. We talked about keeping a food chart. Please go to this link to get all the free tools that will help you shed that extra weight …. . Hear our radio interview at


Sue, Molly & Gus

I will always remember May 5, 1989. It was the day my life changed forever. I was diagnosed as having Crohn’s disease. I was 26 years old and married with my first baby. How could this be happening to me, I thought? Why me?

I was given the phone number of someone to call who would apparently be very supportive and answer all of my questions on how to learn to live with this disease. Little did I know how much harm that call would cause me. The girl I spoke to was bitter and said having Crohn’s disease was like having cancer but never dying. I instantly became scared and very depressed. I wished I could just have my life end right then and there. Days later, I had my first appointment with a gastroenterologist in Mississauga. I told him about this call. He was outraged. He assured me life would go on and I would be fine and I would learn to live with this disease. He had the person I spoke to removed from handling support calls. He then gave me a push to book a holiday. My family and I planned a trip to Quebec City. At home I was seldom able to leave the bathroom let alone the house. I thought he was crazy thinking I could travel by car for 6 hours. However, he prescribed a wonderful drug call prednisone and within several days of taking it I could eat. The amount of energy I had was unbelievable. I can still remember being in that park in Quebec City and watching my baby girl sleeping on the grass. I thought, “Thank God for this doctor”.

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