Its BOGO week at Doterra Essential Oils company.

Todays offer!  Buy a Doterra Tea Tree Oil and receive a FREE 15 ml Purity Oil. Purchase this BOGO deal for only $36. Ask me how to get it for only $24.25! melaleuca   Benefits of Purity…. Working to replace unpleasant odours and protect against environmental threats, the Purify Cleansing Blend produces an airy aroma that purifies the air in a natural, safe way. It can be used in the laundry machine, shoes, sports equipment, deodorant, garbage, diffused after cooking and the list goes on. Uses:
  • Dpurifyiffuse to purify and freshen the air.
  • Freshen smaller rooms (or a car) by placing a few drops of Purify Cleansing Blend on a cotton ball and putting it into the air vent.
  • Add 5 drops to a small spray bottle with water and use to wipe down countertops.
  • Use to soothe away irritations from bug bites.
  • Add a few drops to the rinse cycle when doing laundry to help eliminate odour.
(value of Purity oil $30.67 + tax) This is a limited time offer and I will sell out quickly. To place your order please call me at (905) 399 1228 or email As an added bonus: Purchase this BOGO and receive a FREE distant Reiki session (valued at $85) Total gift package of $115.67 Offer expires end of today! Phone or email me today so get started with taking your health to a higher level! facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail