Years ago I learned the importance of fueling our body with healthy, good quality food when I healed Crohns disease. Years later, after experiencing issues with my foot, I learned my body was completely filled with inflammation and that took me on a much deeper level of healing with food. The being, that although I was eating healthy, or so I thought, the things hidden in my food had actually affectedmy health in a huge way. Not only was I filled with inflammation but my hormones were way out of whack also.

When I was diagnosed with the inflammation in my body I started working with my Chiropractor – Dr. Catherine Wright. She suggested I follow The Hormone Reset Diet by Sara Gottfried, MD. Within 3 days of following that eating plan the inflammation began to lesson, my foot began to feel better, and the swelling went down. I kept a daily journal of the food I ate and along with my weight. Within the first month of following this routine I lost 12 pounds and my husband lost 14 pounds. Now you can call me Skinny Sue!

Tips: I now only buy our boneless, skinless chicken breasts at Whole Foods and only when the butcher has ensured me that there are no additives of any kind injected into that chicken. My husband and I no longer eat in restaurants. We enjoy picnics everywhere we go. Our dogs love this because now they can travel with us more often. Of course we pack healthy snacks for them also – e.g. snap peas, green beans, and they love my homemade organic applesauce! No longer do I buy moisturizing creams. Our moisturizer is now organic coconut oil. I make homemade soap, body scrub and even our cleaning supplies.

As a result of spending the time to learn more about our foods, following The Hormone Reset Diet by Sara Gottfried, MD (this book is available for purchase under Shop > Book Recommendations ), preparing nd eating healthy I have lost weight, reduced inflammation in my body, healed my foot, became more energized, clear and focused, bought a new wardrobe, and created new memories on many great picnics! Now where can you find any negatives in all of this!

Please note: Whenever changing your diet please consult with your health care provider first. Both my medical doctor and chiropractor approved this healthy lifestyle change for me!