I will admit to you I am a very strong willed individual. I will also tell you that I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to. And I will also tell you that in the past, I always took the hard road. If I didn’t think I could do something in my life, an experience would come up to prove I could do it. Funny how my loved ones on the other side always knew how to give me the proof!

In 2008 I was at a place in my life as a spiritual life coach where I was doing a lot of radio and TV interviews and just knew it was my time to reach more people to help, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. Not knowing what to do, I made a request to my loved ones on the other side to guide me to the right person who would help me grow. Later that week I received a phone call from Jack Canfield’s office. Jack Canfield is the Author of the Chicken Soup Book Series and he runs Canfield Coaching. My website had just miraculously appeared on his receptionist’s computer.  I cannot emphasize to you the importance of asking for what you want. By me asking for that right person to show up to guide me, my loved ones sure didn’t waste any time. Just after that phone call I started my training with Jack and his team. My life was about to change forever.

As homework, I was asked to put together my mission statement.  My mission statement was, “I am helping millions of people and animals around the world cope, heal, and move forward.” I said this mission statement over and over daily. It was literally four days later when things started happening. I knew my angels were listening and really working overtime on the other side. More media interview offers came up. One of those offers was from a radio host, Carol. Carol ran an online radio show on Blog Talk Radio Network. She wanted to interview me and have me share my personal stories of overcoming adversities in life. I’m always amazed how things unfold. At the time of booking this interview I felt something special was going to happen. I kept hearing from the other side, “PREPARE YOURSELF”, but I didn’t know why. I’ve had years of experience being interviewed in person on radio and TV shows, however I couldn’t shake the feeling I was experiencing. I had never been interviewed for an online station, it was always AM or FM stations, and Carol had not shared how the interview process was different – we were just simply speaking over the phone. I thought I had to know some kind of technology to talk into my computer somewhere. That lack of information or you could call it- that fear of the unknown, was really stressing me out and I was just about to pull out from doing the interview. Having a mentor like Jack Canfield and his team was a much appreciated gift. Failure is not an option with Jack and his team! After a lengthy conversation I decided to do the interview. Once again this was acknowledgment that we always have the right people around us. God, his Angels, and our loved ones are always with us and providing whatever we need. Sometimes that can be something or someone very unexpected. Trust and They will always provide what we really need!

Minutes before the interview was to start, and still unsure of how this process would unfold, I began to pray and ask my angels to give me the strength to pull off a great interview, help many people, and help me attract what was for my highest good. Seconds later, things started happening! While sitting in front of my computer I watched the screen go wacky –as in lines and patterns only appearing that you would have seen on TV before cable. I panicked! All I could think was, “OH DEAR GOD, SERIOUSLY!” This screen show lasted for about 1 – 2 minutes.

Then what seemed like an eternity, I heard the host’s voice on the telephone welcome me onto the show. Then she asked me the first question. I answered the question and never heard her reply. At the time I thought she could really take some media lessons. I didn’t think she was that good as a host. Not hearing her voice I asked my angels to guide me with what I should do next. All I heard was my Grandpa Buck who was on the other side saying over and over, “Just keep talking Suzy and trust us, just keep talking!” So I did – I just kept talking and sharing my personal journey of overcoming challenges in my life. After doing this for approximately 28 minutes I heard the host’s voice come back on the air with her thanking me for joining her and then we hung up. I called my husband Ross and said, “That was the worst interview I have ever done!” What did I know! Remember Grandpa Buck told me to trust them. I sure didn’t see what was coming next!

While I was talking to Ross another phone call was coming in. It was the host, Carol, on the other end with much excitement in her voice. She phoned to thank me and congratulate me at the same time. While Grandpa Buck was encouraging me to keep talking and I did, at that same time, Carol’s connection to the show had been lost. This loss of connection had never happened to her before in all of the five years of her hosting her radio show. She said she could not explain what happened. When she said that, I knew my loved ones were up to something again! She said I basically ran her show and I didn’t know it. Remember when my computer screen went wacky…. well, then Carol went on to share she was happy to see I had signed up for my own radio show. I told her I had done nothing of the kind! She told me I did a great job running her show and it was a meant to be for me to host a radio show of my own. She said I was a natural. So not only did my angels help me give a very inspiring interview but they decided to take this time to give me the proof that I could host my own radio show.

Being a radio host and executive producer of your own radio show can take up a lot of time if you are not organized. Before I totally agreed to take on this new role I had some words with my Grandpa Buck. I call Grandpa Buck my personal assistant now that he is on the other side. When I need help with something I turn to him and ask him to please make it happen. So in order for me to host my own radio show, that was quite apparent the angels insist I do, I told Grandpa Buck I would only host, if him and his gang sent me all the right guests for us to help millions of people around the world. He agreed and never let me down once. I have interviewed many amazing people! When my producer Christopher shared his dream of wanting us to interview Bob Barker, I called in my request to my Grandpa and all the gang to help me make this happen. Hours later, Bob’s publicist called me and we firmed an interview date. Christopher continues to share that interview was the biggest highlight in his life. All I had to do is ask the other side and they provided this special gift to both Christopher and I.

From that day forward I never ever did anything else again the hard way! Daily I ask and my angels provide miracle after miracle after miracle. So what are you waiting for? Right now you are surrounded by many on the other side waiting to provide gifts and miracles for you. All you have to do is simply ask and they will provide!

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