Faced with a giant STOP SIGN, Sue made the right turn of a lifetime, adopted a positive outlook and never looked back. From that point forward Sue went on to publish her inspirational life story, Soar Above It All – Overcoming Adversities in Life. This is a story of challenges and triumph over illness, abuse, disease, divorce, and near death, and authored two children’s books, Rocky’s Trip To The Hospital and Rocky’s Positive Thoughts Coloring Book.

Now she provides others with love, hope, and wisdom of the angels through private consultations, TV hosting, speaking, coaching, and her Get Inspired Media Network™. Sue inspires audiences around the world through her own experience of crossing over and transformation. She has completely recovered from Crohns disease and is enjoying living in Winona, Ontario, Canada where she helps people make positive life changes and works in the community to share her passion of supporting others to GET INSPIRED.

Sue’s greatest gift was received on her 40th birthday from a little boy who shared, as a result of Sue doing pet therapy, Reiki, and visualization with him, his cancer had gone into remission. She continuously receives letters of gratitude from fans around the world.

“Things have certainly happened in my life for a reason. We all have the choice which path to take. God blessed me with a second chance in my life and I plan to make the very best of each day. I am extremely grateful for every experience in my life for it made me who I am today.”


  • Nominated for HALTON WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2004
  • Awarded the BUSINESS MASTERY AWARD 2007 by John Assaraf, star of the major motion picture and book, The Secret.
  • Interviewed on 3000+ international radio shows.
  • Plus 1000+ magazines around the world and, A Doctor’s Guide to Dog Therapy and Healing, The Power of Wagging Tails, The Rhythm of Angel Wings.
  • Sue was featured on Cable television on the Pet Network. The segment was such a success Sue was brought back to do 3 more segments, as result her television career is unfolding!