• Have you ever wondered what happens to your loved ones & pets when they cross over?
  • Are you suffering from the loss of your loved one or pet?
  • Do you want a deeper spiritual connection?

During this 2-hour empowering and healing workshop, join Sue in learning how to connect to your loved ones on the other side and discover what messages they want to share with you. Space is limited. Please register in advance.

  • Monday April 18 2016              7 pm – 9 pm            Winona, Ont
  • For more information regarding registration and locations, please visit our Events page.



My Story

With Inspiring Wisdom from the Angels, Sue London Helps Thousands through her Private Consultations, Classes, and Hosting of The Get Inspired Media Network

Get Inspired Media Network


Sue London is a Natural Intuitive, the Founder and Producer of Get Inspired Media Network,™ and TV Host of Get Inspired with Sue London. She provides loving angelic guidance through her motivational speaking, writing, and assisting others to develop stronger spiritual connections. Her abilities to help others – from working with those in grief, to empowering people in their personal relationships – gives people from around the world the support and optimism to overcome difficult or traumatic situations in their lives.

Sue started this new path over an arduous ten year period battling Crohns disease, abuse, near death, divorce and at one point, being told she had only 30 minutes to live. When she became pregnant with her second child, Sue was told it was unlikely she could deliver the baby she was carrying. The disease had flared up and her health was in grave danger. Despite these obstacles, Sue persevered and delivered a healthy baby girl. The disease went into remission, never to return. Faced with a giant STOP SIGN, Sue made the right turn of a lifetime, adopted a positive outlook and never looked back. From that point forward Sue went on to publish her inspirational life story, Soar Above It All – Overcoming Adversities in Life. This is a story of challenges and triumph over illness, abuse, disease, divorce, and near death, and authored two children’s books, Rocky’s Trip To The Hospital and Rocky’s Positive Thoughts Coloring Book.

Now she provides others with love, hope, and wisdom of the angels through private consultations, TV hosting, speaking, coaching, and her Get Inspired Media Network™. Sue inspires audiences around the world through her own experience of crossing over and transformation. She has completely recovered from Crohns disease and is enjoying living in Winona, Ontario, Canada where she helps people make positive life changes and works in the community to share her passion of supporting others to GET INSPIRED.

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Motivational Speaker


Get inspired by Sue London’s triumphant story over illness, abuse, disease, near death and divorce. With just 30 minutes to live and then after a near death experience, Sue made a right turn in life and now she inspires audiences around the globe to create the lifestyle they desire! Lives are being transformed! Sue London inspires audiences and readers of all ages to do the things that they’ve postponed for too long. She encourages people to adopt a positive attitude and stay true to their dreams-as she has personally done so successfully in her own life. Sue brings comfort and hope to people who have lost a loved one or a pet. Sue London utilizes her gift with connecting to your angels, her experience as a Reiki Master and Trainer to guide you and your pets to a healthier, happier life. Sue’s passion is to help you experience the freedom of living the life you love, surrounded by healthy people and pets you love. Sue will share with you how to BE INSPIRED by overcoming adversities in your life. Sue is ready to help you create the life you desire!


Private Consultations


Sue London will tell you from first hand experience that miracles do happen in our life. We are surrounded with many angels just waiting to fulfill our requests. Sue has seen there is more for us after we pass when she crossed over after her intestine burst in 1996. Since then she has been receiving angelic messages daily for herself and others. Once you become aware of the signs and messages, and take the action from your angels you start creating miracles and the lifestyle you only dreamed about.

Sue is simply here to channel the messages to you. Sue will help you connect to your loved-ones and empower you. She will give you the tools to help you know when your angels are with you. After a session with Sue London and your angels you will know you are never alone and always supported.



Books by Sue London

All of Sue’s stories are true to life and actually happened. She insists on writing stories that inspire all ages to meet the challenges of everyday life. All books are available for secure online purchase.

Soar Above it All:

Overcoming Adversities in Life (Kristar Publishing)
Sue London stared blankly at the ceiling of her Doctor’s office thinking, “Why me?” Sue had just been told that she had Crohn’s disease. After years of coping with this disease and other difficulties in her life, she was rushed to the hospital and the Doctor predicted that she was just 30 minutes from death.

The London Exchange


I must confess going to the dentist is certainly not the highlight today, week, or even month. When I was 21 years old I had a dental surgeon forget to read my chart about the fact that I have an allergy towards anesthetic. Because of this allergy it took the dental team over 9 hours to bring me out of it. Since that experience I developed a massive fear towards dentists and what they do within our mouths.I am truly blessed now to have a very open minded dentist, whom for the record I truly love (this is something that I would never have said in the past towards a dentist!) and she is also a Reiki healer. Dr Manjula Duhan has helped lessen my fear but I will admit I do have a ways to go. I have decided this is my year to suck up my fear and have my mercury fillings removed.

Wishing you a healing experience!

Get Inspired Media Network

Get Inspired Media Network

Sue London is the founder of The Get Inspired Media Network

The Get Inspired Media Network was created to provide you with a network of hosts who are at the top of their field. We have sorted through many of the popular media hosting and streaming companies to find the best. We then asked them to provide you with a trial of their work and exclusive materials just for you. You are able to have a trial of the host’s expertise before you engage in their services. Like you, we have all started on our personal journey towards inspiration and enlightenment with one action. We hope that our network can help you discover the resources you need and assist you along your path.

Much Love & Many Blessings, Sue London and the Get Inspired Media Network Team

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Here you will find literary treasures by best-selling authors, unique and rare gifts that will enrich and empower your life. Discover incredible healing products and services that will help you create the lifestyle you desire. Soar to success with our outstanding business services. We have something special for everyone.

All our merchandise and services has our seal of approval!


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The Get Inspired Media Network was created to provide you with a network of hosts who are at the top of their field. We have sorted through many of the popular media hosting and streaming companies to find the best.hostBanner


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